Carl Zeiss

Retinal Cam

Our latest Carl Zeiss Cirrus 600 Retinal Camera records the structures at the back of your eyes and monitors the ongoing health of your eyes.

Carl Zeiss OCT

Our Carl Zeiss Optical Coherent Tomographer(OCT) scans your retina in 3D, which is ideal for the diagnosis and monitoring of macular degeneration, glaucoma and other retinal diseases.

Carl Zeiss Visual Field

Our Carl Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Analyser examines your peripheral vision which is ideal for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma and other neurological problems.

Carl Zeiss Topographer

Our Carl Zeiss Corneal Topographer scans your cornea (front of the eye) in 3D, which enables early diagnosis of keratoconus and accurate fittings of complex contact lenses.

Nidek Vision Hub

Smart Refractor RT-5100 - checks the range of a patients clear vision.

TONOREF II - measures the pressure inside of the eye for glaucoma screening.

Auto Lensmeter LM-1800PD - verifies the correct prescription in a pair of glasses.

Essilor Auto Lens Edger

We use our Automated Lens Edger to cut and fit our patients lenses into their frames in our very own on-site lab in order to save you time and money.


"The receptionist was great at showing kindness. The quietness of the rooms was appreciated. The exam was easy and everything was explained. My neighbour in the retirement village saw you a couple days after I went (having been recommended by someone else). She came and told me she would also recommend you and was happy. Word spreads in a village!"


Pyes Pa

"Really impressed with the professional service given at time of appointment and follow ups. State of the art equipment. Full consultation with a friendly personalised service. At all times full explanations given. Receptionist just lovely. Fully recommend Tony Han and I have done. Exceptional, a big thank you to all for making what was a necessity an interesting, comfortable, affordable and enlightening process."


Te Puna

"I have always found Tony and the team to be thorough and attentive with good and accurate pick up dates for frames. I have already recommended the practice to others. Post service follow up good as well!."


Mt Maunganui

"I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend the service to my family and friends. The location in Bethlehem was very handy and the access to parking also made it a stress-less experience. I'm enjoying being able to see better. Thank you!"




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